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    Andy's commission schedule is full right now. :( Watch this space for information on commission availability!

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August 21, 2009


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email sent today for a lot of those sketch cards - hope i can help ur cleaning out.


hi alice, not a dealer - andy knows me. i collect his artwork. really wanting his newer stuff. i have been waiting since march for a PSC and now some promised bonus. hopefully i can get totals today to make payment fast. thx

Alice P.

Hey, Rick. No problem. I just got your payment for the eBay auction. I'll get a total together for you in a few minutes. Check your email!


I'm in the same boat as ricksam - except I've been waiting since Dec last year for my Fantastic Four AP. I've sent PMs from Scoundrel as well as an email through this site but haven't received a reply. I would greatly appreciate if you could contact me and just let me know what is happening as I'm getting a little concerned about this.

Alice P.

RickSam, your art shipped out Monday. Please let me know when you receive it just so I can relax a little. :)

Rabbit, I will check of the status of your card today and let you know. I'm assuming you're the same person that sent me an email on the 25th... they're two different addresses, but similar. I have sent you an email with an update.

I know the wait time sucks. Just be patient and I'll make sure that all of Andy's outstanding commissions will be finished and in the hands of their proud new owners ASAP!

Please don't hesitate to send me an email about your status. I'm happy to update you whenever you'd like.

Apologies, art fans!


Thank u Alice - u done good. Just rec package of cards and even the PSC commissioned back in March.

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